Lake City Market

Lake City Market started life as an exploration into the Festival Marketplace aesthetic but evolved into a complex scene involving both an interior and exterior space, and a number of bespoke art assets that had to be created to fill this space.

Preliminary Render

First render with basic layout.

Second Render

Added doors, fixed material rendering issues.

Third Render

First block-out of interior space.

Fourth Render

Added vending machine

Fifth Render

Stickers and decals added to door, brick textures tweaked.

Sixth Render

Added apples and emissive texture to vending machine.

Seventh Render

Added counter and back wall decoration, as well as back door that is completely hidden by sliding doors (oops).

Eighth Render

Moved door, added avocado display, "Fresh Produce" sign.

Ninth Render

Moved camera position, added hours sign and garbage can.

Hours Sign

Close-up of hours sign.

Final Render

Added sale sign, watermarks added, some editing to improve seams on garbage can. This is the final version of Lake City Market.

ad sign

Close-up of ad sign. All items are taken from the Tall Boy Special song Fictional Aisle.

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