Frasurbane or 90s Urbane is an aesthetic movement that recontextualizes the 1990s grunge movement through the lens of the more conservative Baby Boomer population at the time, who had settled down and were becoming more predominately wealthy and suburban. The movement places heavy emphasis on classicality and timelessness, on the classy and the environmentalist beliefs of the time period. The aesthetic is named for the television series Frasier and as such is comparable to the titular character: decently wealthy, well-read, and with an air of sophistication to his daily life. While the politics of the aesthetic movement are contrary to my own, the understated interior spaces Frasurbane inspires felt a challenging, albeit not difficult, rendering exercixe.

Preliminary Render

First render with basic layout with early materials and lighting.

Second Render

Improved camera position and FOV.

Third Render

Decorations and window added.

Fourth Render

Improved materials and added lighting from a lamp outside, shadows are less harsh.

Fifth Render

Final render of Frasurbane, with improved materials on the chess piece decoration and added bounced lighting from the upstairs window.

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