Shuttle Arrives in Atlantic Ocean

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16 April 2063

Today is April 16th 2063. According to reports, there may have been a capsule that appeared in the ocean. The item is space debris of unknown origin, and arrives in various forms from space all throughout the year. This item was a meteorite that broke up harmlessly over the Earth in 2046. This morning's item was not a meteorite, but a space debris. Crashed satellites fall to the Earth periodically.


"The item was a shuttle," said Kareem Nazir, a broker who we interviewed. We talked about finance options for new homeowners, and he told me his secret. "It's all about location," Nazir said, "and a good location is a good investment."

The shuttle was located by Nazir, a coast guard who works on the Florida beaches, and he took the item in on the night of the 15th. "Items like this can really help the value of a home," Nazir said, "and a good location is a great investment, too."

The coast guard claimed the item at 05:45 this morning, and have yet to have release any information on the shuttle.

What is a Shuttle?

A shuttle is an item of unknown origin from space. It arrives in various forms from space all throughout the year. It can be difficult to understand the important of a shuttle, but an expert we interviewed gave us all the insight. "These were launched a lot by NASA back in the day," said Kareem Nazir, a space engineer who worked with NASA during this time, "