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Let's Talk About Payday 2 (2019)
Games as a Disservice (2019)
Fallout: An Analysis (2020)
Games as a Social Space (2021)
We're Still Talking About Payday 2 (2022)
Halo series Retrospectives (2020-2023)
We Were Never Talking About Payday 2 (2023)

Cohost Essays

I'm Kinda Sick of Gore in Games tbh
Review Scores are for Publishers, Actually
Arachnophobia Settings Kinda Suck in Games Right Now
I Had an Experience This Week
I Haven't Poisoned My Body Yet
Put Your Worst Foot Forward
Your Game's Not Weird Enough
Remember That Time Techland Charged $10,000,000 for Dying Light?
Gabe Newell's Steam Password Was (is?) Public Information
Nintendo's Halcyon is a Player's Hell
Taking Down the Blockade of Personal Enforced Purity (with a tasty snack)


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